Expression of Interest (EOI)

APBioNet Support for Regional Events − Guidelines for Applicants
The event must be of demonstrable benefit to APBioNet members. There should be APBioNet members on the organising committee of the event. There is an expectation that APBioNet members will be attending the event. Requests must be accompanied by a draft budget for the event and sent in (including all required supporting documentation) no later than six months before the event.

Preferences will be given to requests for in kind contributions rather than for cash contributions. Examples of in kind contribution include provision of guest speakers from APBioNet and coverage of their travel expenses, or provision of fellowships for students who are APBioNet members to attend the event. In any case APBioNet sponsorship shall not exceed 20% of the total budget for the event up to a 2,000 SGD limit. Organisers are encouraged to offer reduced registration rates to APBioNet members.

Following the event organisers must provide a report to APBioNet including a financial statement (profit/loss), a record of attendance by APBioNet members, and a short report including photographs that may be used by APBioNet for publication or advertising purposes.

Are you an organiser interested in hosting our conference?

Complete the form or submit your application to directly using the template for review by the APBioNet Conferences Committee and/or Executive Committee.

It generally takes up to four weeks from the time an application is submitted before a determination is made. If the application is approved, the APBioNet Conference Committee/Executive Committee will work together to implement the exchange detailed above.