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Panoramic View of ClearWater Bay from HKUST Conference Auditorium

Sixth International
Conference on Bioinformatics

HKUST, Hong Kong
Hanoi, Vietnam and
Nansha, PR China

An APBioNet Meeting

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ISCB International Society for Computational Biology



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HongKong University of Science and Technology

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KC Wong Education Foundation

Hong Kong Research Grants Council RGC

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks

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KOOPrime KOOPrime Consulting

ISCB International Society for Computational Biology

Hanoi Event
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United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation

IUBMB International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

FAOBMB Federation of Asian and Oceanian Biochemists and Molecular Biologists

Institute of Biotechnology IBT

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HKUST Fok Ying Tung Graduate School

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BioMedCentral Bioinformatics

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Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

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27 - 30 August 2007


International Advisory Committee

The IAC of InCoB2007 is made of the InCoB ExCo members who steer the organisation of the annual InCoB from year to year, and other colleagues who can contribute to the conduct of InCoB from year to year. They also form a pool of reviewers for our peer-review process of submitted papers, oral presentation, posters, tutorials, special interest group meetings and other activities held during the InCoB.

The list of IAC members include:

  1. Shoba Ranganathan (Macquarie, Australia) (Chairperson)
    Chairperson, InCoB ExCo; President, APBioNet.
  2. Michael Gribskov (Purdue, USA)
    Immediate Past President, ISCB
  3. Hannah Hong Xue (HKUST, HongKong, SAR, PR China)
    Organising Host Chair, InCoB2007
  4. Tan Tin Wee (NUS, Singapore)
    Secretary, InCoB ExCo and Secretariat, APBioNet
  5. Rohan Teasdale (University of Queensland, Australia)
    InCoB2006 Reviewer
  6. B Jayaram (IIT Delhi, India)
    Organising Committee, InCoB2006
  7. H A Nagarajaram (CDFD, India)
    APBioNet Board Member, ASEAN-APBioNet Bioinformatics HRD Workshop 2005
  8. Jong Bhak (KOBIC, South Korea)
    Organising Chair, East Asia Bioinformatics Network (EABN)
  9. Haruki Nakamura (PDBj, Osaka University, Japan) PI, PDBj and WorldWide Protein DataBank (wwwPDB)
  10. Akihiko Konagaya, (LSGrid Symposium, RIKEN GSC, Japan) Chairperson, LSGrid Conference Steering Committee (2007)
  11. Jingchu Luo (CBI, Peking University, PR China)
    Chairperson, ASEAN-APBioNet-China Bioinformatics HRD Workshop 2004
  12. Martti Tammi (Karolinska Institutet, Sweden/NUS)
    Chairperson, AMBIS Singapore.
  13. Ueng-Cheng Yang (National Yang Ming University, Taiwan)
    Deputy President, APBioNet
  14. Rahmah Mohammad (UKM, Malaysia)
    Chairperson, InCoB2003
  15. Allen Rodrigo (Univ. of Auckland, New Zealand)
    Chairperson, InCoB2004
  16. Kanchana Kanchanasut (Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand)
    Conference AudioVideo Webcasting
  17. Daniel Man-yuen Sze (University of Sydney)

Conference CoChairs

Professor Shoba Ranganathan Professor Shoba Ranganathan
Chair Professor of Bioinformatics
Dept of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences &
Biotechnology Research Institute
Macquarie University, Australia
Assoc Professor Hannah Xue Hong Assoc Professor Hannah Xue Hong
Department of Biochemistry
Director, HKUST Bioinformatics Centre
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong SAR
Home Page:
Associate Professor Tan Tin Wee Assoc Professor Tan Tin Wee
Deputy Head, Department of Biochemistry,
National University of Singapore

Local Organizing Committee
Professor Hannah XUE Hong
(Hong Kong and Nansha Venue)
Professor Hannah Xue Hong
Director, HKUST Bioinformatics Centre, HKUST
PC Sham
pcsham __at__
Professor Pak-Chung Sham, Ph.D.
Co-Director, State Key Laboratory of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, HKU
Chair Professor in Psychiatric Genomics, HKU
Department of Psychiatry and Genome Research Centre, University of Hong Kong.
Nelson LS Tang
nelsontang __at__
Professor Nelson Leung Sang Tang
Dept of Chemical Pathology
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Man-Yu Wong
mamywong __at__
Associate Professor Man-Yu Wong
Department of Mathematics, HKUST
Qiang Yang
qyang __at__
Associate Professor Qiang Yang
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, HKUST
Weichuan Yu
eeyu __at__
Assistant Professor Weichuan Yu
Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, HKUST
Shea-Ping Yip __at__
htspyip __at__
Professor Shea-Ping Yip
Department of Health Technology and Informatics
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Michael Ng
mng __at__
Professor Michael Kwok-Po Ng
Department of Mathematics
Hong Kong Baptist University
Hong Yan
h.yan __at__
Professor Hong Yan
Chair, Department of Computer Engineering
City University of Hong Kong
Luo Jingchu
luojc __at__
Professor Luo Jingchu
Centre for Bioinformatics, Peking University
Professor Yixue Li, SIBS
yxli __at__
Professor Li YX
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences
  • LE Tran Binh (Hanoi Venue)
  • Kanchana Kanchanasut (AIT Tech Team for video-casting)
    Programme Committee

    PC Chairs
       1. Prof. Shoba RANGANATHAN, Macquarie University, Australia
       2. Prof. Michael GRIBSKOV, Purdue University, USA
       3. Dr. Martti TAMMI, National University of Singapore, Singapore
       4. Assoc. Prof. Tin Wee TAN, National University of Singapore, Singapore 
    PC Members
       1. Dr. Baltazar D. AGUDA, Ohio State University, USA 
          (bdaguda __at__
       2. Prof. Vladimir BRUSIC, Dana Faber Cancer Institute, USA 
          (Vladimir_Brusic __at__
       3. Dr. Bruno GAETA, University of New South Wales, Australia 
          (bgaeta __at__
       4. Prof. Wen-Lian HSU, Academia Sinica, Taiwan 
          (hsu __at__
       5. Prof. S. KRISHNASWAMY, Madurai Kamaraj University, India 
          (mkukrishna __at__
       6. Assoc. Prof. Chee Keong KWOH, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
          (ASCKKWOH __at__
       7. Prof. Wuju LI, Beijing Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, China 
          (wujuli __at__
       8. Mr. Olivo MIOTTO, Institute of Systems Science, Singapore 
          (olivo __at__
       9. Dr. H.A. NAGARAJARAM, Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics, India
          (han __at__
      10. Dr. Meena SAKHARKAR, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 
          (MMeena __at__
      11. Assoc. Prof. Christian SCHOENBACH, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 
          (schoen __at__
      12. Dr. Daniel SZE, University of Sydney, Australia 
          (d.sze __at__
      13. Dr. Alphonse T. THANARAJ, CRS4 - Bioinformatics, Italy 
          (thanaraj __at__
      14. Prof. Albert ZOMAYA, University of Sydney, Australia 
          (zomaya __at__ 

    Dear Colleague,
    Many of you provided your invaluable assistance in reviewing manuscripts 
    for InCoB2006 - thank you.
    This year's InCoB will be held in Hong Kong, 27-30 Aug., 2007. The website 
    is ready and we would like to post the names of the Program Committee 
    members there.
    We will be calling for paper submissions shortly and we would like to 
    request you to assist us review manuscripts for publication in 
    BMC Bioinformatics as a supplement. 23 papers were published last 
    The reviews will be during the period mid-April to June 2007. Could you 
    please let me know whether you are happy to serve on the Program Committee?
    If yes, kindly provide me your current affiliation and prefereed email 
    address as well as upto five phrases, summarizing your areas of expertise. 
    Due to the large numbers of reviewers who happily gave us their valuable 
    time, very few reviewers had even two papers to review, while all 
    submissions received 2-3 expert reviews.
    We look forward to your renewed support and see you in Hong Kong.
    With best wishes,
    on behalf of InCoB2007 Co-Chairs,
    Shoba Ranganathan 
    President, APBioNet 
    Chairperson, InCoB ExCo

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