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InCoB 2007 is well underway. If you have any questions, please feel free to add to this website any questions you may have. If you have answers, we would be grateful if you can fill them in below, citing the question carefully.


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FAQ1. Planning your Arrival
Make sure before you leave, that you have the necessary passport (at least 6 months validity) and visa (if necessary).
Clearing Immigration and Customs should be a breeze. Don't forget to collect your checked-in luggage if you have any (best to travel light and bring a carry-on).
When you arrive at the incredibly modern HK International Airport, note that it is on Lantau Island, connected by bridges and road link to Kowloon Mainland (where HKUST is located) and to Hong Kong Island.
You should figure out how to get to your Hotel first if you arrive early, or if you are headed straight for HKUST campus/conference site for your hostel/guest room. We suggest for you to look for Hotels around the MTR stations which are a short train plus bus/taxi ride away from HKUST campus in ClearWater Bay. Options include hotels around Quarry Bay (HK island) or Yau Ma Tei (Kowloon mainland).

FAQ2. How to Get to HKUST Campus
Getting to HKUST, the venue of InCoB2007 takes about 1.5 hours from the HK International Airport which is on an island (Lantau Island) while HKUST is on the mainland Kowloon (Clearwater Bay). Cost can be USD 50 for a taxi direct from the airport, to USD 20 by a combination of airport bus to Kowloon and taxi OR try your luck with the local bus A12 (Don't forget to ask the bus driver where to alight).
Don't forget to get loose change in HongKong currency at the Airport Bureaux de Change.
Here is a useful guide for getting to HKUST by taxi, train, bus etc from Peggy Lee, HKUST (bcsauyat --at-- Getting to HKUST (pdf)

FAQ3. How much is HK Dollars in my currency
Converting HK Dollars to your currency is easy. Go to for an estimate.

FAQ4. Where to stay in Hong Kong

FAQ5. Power source
Hong Kong power supply follows the British Standard - 230Volts 60Hz and square 3-pin sockets. Don't forget to bring your adapter plugs!
FAQ6. Internet Access
Charles Choy, of Computer Centre, HKUST, will be arranging for guest accounts with the HKUST.
Please email him to enquire : charles.choy __at__ Don't forget to bring your wireless Internet card 801.11x and UTP cable in case you get a port.
Internet access at the Visitor Centre
FAQ7. Fastest way to get back to MTR from HKUST
One local person, George AuYeung, says it is best to catch the 298P (same number as the one you came in from HangHou MTR) from HKUST but you should alight at Metro City to take the train at Po Lam Station (which is the last stop of the Tseung Kwan O train line - one stop after Hang Hau). Thereafter it will be another short train ride back to your Quarry Bay hotel (undersea to Hong Kong Island), or the ones at Yau Ma Tei (on Kowloon).
George has produced an illustrated Travel Guide for how to get from Tsim Sha Tsui station to and from HKUST.
FAQ8. Catching a bus from Po Lam MTR station
Url for costs and additional travel directions: Note that you may be tempted to ride on bus no. 91M and if you do, that's a good choice but please beware that bus stops in Hong Kong can be pretty weird. Two bus stops may be adjacent to each other and share the same bus number but they go opposite directions (as would be the case when deciding which bus to take in HKUST back to Po Lam). 91M leaves Po Lam for HKUST and final destination at Diamond Hill Station and vice versa. We advise the participants of InCoB07 to look out for which direction they are going, just in case they board the wrong direction, they would just have to take a longer train ride back to Quarry Bay.
George AuYeung has produced an illustrated Travel Guide for how to get from Tsim Sha Tsui station to and from HKUST.
FAQ9. Proof of Status for Student Discount and Local Participants
Proof of student status or ISCB can be any documentary proof, e.g. student ID card of your university, letter from your department office with letterhead and official signature etc; or ISCB membership registration receipt or attendance at ISMB in previous/current year. Proof of being a local participants and in receipt of sponsorship can be the Special Sponsorship Code given to you.
When you arrive at the Registration Desk, please present your Registration Name and Transaction ID and proof of your status. If not, you may be charged with the difference between the full price at the time of registration and the student discount/local participant sponsorship.
FAQ10. Paypal Payment Problem
The following is an anonymised problem from just one person in China!

FAQ 11. Proof of Student status

Mr Che Lun Hung (Emailaddress: allen _-at-_
Company/Institute: the Department of Computer Science, National Tsing-Hua University
City/Country: Taiwan
My FAQ or Answer:
From the information of registation, I need to present the proof of student status. So, what is the proof you need?

Answered above FAQ9
FAQ 12. Registering for HKUST accommodation

Mrs Jeongheui Lim (Emailaddress: jhlim #|at|#
Company/Institute: Korean Bioinformation Center
City/Country: Korea
My FAQ or Answer:
I need to reserve a room (1 suite or 1 twin) in the HKUST Visitor Center for attending InCoB 2007 as a speaker of tutorials sessions. Date: Aug. 26 - 31, 2007 (5 nights) Please reply me as soon as possible.
My FAQ or Answer:
We would like to reserve the On-campus serviced apartment for the conference. We have 4 people (2 woman and 2 man), so we need 2 small single rooms (250 HKD) and 1 double room (400 HKD).

Answered above FAQ4: Fill up application form and email to bcsauyat --at--
FAQ 13. Registering for HKUST accommodation

Dr Prema narayan Jagadev (Emailaddress: pnjagadev #&at&#
Company/Institute: Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology
Tel: 0091-9861128437
My FAQ or Answer:
How to arrange a single male accomodation of self at NANSHA for one night i.e. 30 Aug. 2007 for attending the workshop and how much to pay?

Please email bcsauyat --at-- for registration details
FAQ 14. Details of Poster Presentation

Ms Vanessa (Emailaddress: h0328078 #-at-#
Company/Institute: The University of Hong Kong
City/Country: Hong Kong
My FAQ or Answer:
What's the expected size of the poster please?

Please look at Instructions at poster.html

FAQ 15. Payment by Bank Transfer

In view of the problems we have trying to pay by PayPal, we have introduced Off Line Payment via Inter-bank Wire Transfer.

Mrs Yen Lin Huang (Emailaddress: slippers.bi92g %%at%%
Company/Institute: National Tsing Hua University
City/Country: Taiwan
My FAQ or Answer:
I registered last month, but i don't know if I registered sucessfully. How could I know it?

Please contact payment --at-- or tinwee --at--
Mr Himanshu Manchanda (Emailaddress: himanshu_pisces11 +-at-+
Company/Institute: guru nanak dev university, amritsar, punjab, INDIA
City/Country: INDIA
Tel: 91-9888746753
My FAQ or Answer:
can u tell me the date and venue of the next confrence/workshop of InCoB as i miss this confernce.

The successful bidder to run InCoB 2008 will be announced at the InCoB 2007 conference
Mr Dinesh Chandra (Emailaddress: dlohumi =&at&=
Company/Institute: National Institute of Malaria Research
City/Country: Delhi/ India
My FAQ or Answer:
How to reach venu of workshop at Hanoi

Please register with Dr Le Tran Binh binh --at--, the local organiser and details will be forwarded to you.
Dr Michael Shmoish (Emailaddress: mshmoish -_at_-
Company/Institute: Technion-IIT
City/Country: Haifa/Israel
My FAQ or Answer:
1) Where exactly will the InCoB2007 Opening Ceremony take place (what room/hall)? 2) Who can help "Mr. Charles Choy, of Computer Centre, HKUST", to answer eventually my 2-weeks old request about "arranging for guest accounts with the HKUST"?
Guest account is a standard incob07 login, information which is available at the registration desk.
Opening Ceremony is at LT J as indicated by the notices in the HKUST campus.

Mr JimmiXS (Emailaddress: jimos4581rt #-at-#
Company/Institute: JimmiXS
City/Country: New York
Tel: 91533739099
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