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27 - 30 August 2007

Post-InCoB07 Bioinformatics Training Workshop
Nansha IT Park, Pearl River Delta, PR China
30-31 August 2007

The Post-InCoB07 bioinformatics training workshop will be held at the Nansha IT Park in the Pearl River Delta, PR China. Travel from Hong Kong to Nansha is easy with six ferry trips each day between China-HK Ferry Terminal at the China HK City, a commercial complex at Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon and the Nansha New Ferry Terminal. See NSTIP Ferry Schedule From the Nansha New Ferry Terminal to the Nansha IT Park is a short taxi/bus ride.

Strategically located within easy reach of Downtown Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and Hong Kong island (by ferry), Nansha IT Park is an ideal location.

Started as a key project of the HKUST, the NSITP will house the HKUST Bioinformatics Centre.

The Nansha IT Park
Nansha IT Park (NITP) is a joint-venture between The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), the Fok Ying Tung Foundation, and the Guangzhou Government ( Equipped with premium office space, high-speed computer network infrastructure, as well as conference and training facilities. For more information about the NITP, please see their website

The Workshop Venue
Geared towards classroom teaching, seminars, and workshops, the Center has a range of 30 multi- purpose rooms, of different sizes, that can be fitted out to varying requirements, to accommodate groups as small as 10 to groups as large as 100. The Center also has a 500-seat Auditorium, a Grand Hall, accompanying VIP facilities, and reception areas to take on larger-scale conferences, seminars, exhibitions and events such as a .Technology Showcase.. Seminars and presentations on the latest in technologies can be shared with a large audience in the Auditorium, while demonstrations and products of these technologies can be exhibited in the Grand Hall.

The Center and all its facilities are fully equipped with audio-visual equipment, and have high speed access to the Internet and video conferencing via the campus. gigabit ethernet fiber optic backbone network

Nansha Traditional Chinese Medicine Informatics Workshop
  • Theme: TCM Informatics research and applications: Latest Developments and Mainstream Efforts
  • Date: half day workshop, 31 August 2007
  • Venue: Guangzhou Nansha IT Park
  • Discussion Topics:
    • TCM regulatory environment
    • Globalisation of TCM: information exchange and cooperation
    • TCM Informatization
    • Translation, Transliteration and Vocabulary of TCM
    • Use of GAP TCM
    • Globalised TCM commercial manufacture and R&D
    • Standardisation of TCM and informatics
    • Uses and applications of informatics in TCM Manufacturing
    • Advanced networking and grid computing in TCM research
    • Research in TCM bioinformatics
    • Public usage of TCM bioinformatics and knowledge bases
  • Each speaker has approximately 15 minutes presentation time.
  • Sponsors: HKUST, Pearl Delta Scientific Pte Ltd.
  • Who will benefit from this Workshop:
    • Government officials in Ministry of Science and Technology, TCM regulatory board, Food and Drugs Regulatory Agency, related Guangzhou agencies.
    • National Experts (from Tsinghua University, Zhongsan University, Guangzhou Traditional Chinese Medical School, Beijing Pharmaceutical Univesrity, Zhejiang University, etc)
    • Officials from TCM R&D institutions (e.g. Shanghai TCM Centre, China TCM Research Institute, TCM Scientific Centre, Guangzhou Biotechnology Centre)
    • Renowned TCM businesses
    • TCM Researchers
  • Expected Attendance: 100-150

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