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Panoramic View of ClearWater Bay from HKUST Conference Auditorium

Sixth International
Conference on Bioinformatics

HKUST, Hong Kong
Hanoi, Vietnam and
Nansha, PR China

An APBioNet Meeting

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Endorsed by

ISCB International Society for Computational Biology



Supported by

HongKong University of Science and Technology

HongKong Event
Sponsored by

KC Wong Education Foundation

Hong Kong Research Grants Council RGC

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks

Inforsense Inc


KOOPrime KOOPrime Consulting

ISCB International Society for Computational Biology

Hanoi Event
Sponsored by

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation

IUBMB International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

FAOBMB Federation of Asian and Oceanian Biochemists and Molecular Biologists

Institute of Biotechnology IBT

Nansha Event
Sponsored by

HKUST Fok Ying Tung Graduate School

Publication Partners

BioMedCentral Bioinformatics

BMF Biomolecular Frontiers

Internet2 Partners

Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

TransEurasia Information Network TEIN


27 - 30 August 2007



Sponsors are encouraged to contribute to InCoB2007. So far, the following have come forward

If your corporation wishes to sponsor InCoB 2007, you can sign up for the Corporate Package (two free registrants and one exhibition booth). InCoB and APBioNet organisers are keen to see industry and corporations link up with the academic and research community for greater cooperation and collaboration.

If you need a larger presence, we can discuss how we can work together. Please contact Tin Wee (tinwee --at-- at your earliest convenience.

Information about Exhibition Booth.


  • ISCB Student Travel Fellowships to InCoB2007
    1. You are now invited to apply for the above Travel Fellowships.
    2. Five Fellowships at US $400 each are available for open competition.
    3. Criterion: Must be ISCB Student Member and presenting a poster at InCoB 2007
    4. If not an ISCB Student Member, you will be enrolled automatically and the appropriate fees deducted from your travel award.
    5. Closing Date: 15th July 2007
    6. Notification of Award: 20th July 2007
    7. Please send your application form (HTML | Word doc) to shoba.ranganathan1 __at__ with an attached CV and a copy of your Poster Abstract.
    8. Only complete submissions will be entertained. Incomplete submissions will be automatically deleted.
    9. The decision of the Selection Committee is final.
    10. Announcement of the Results of the award (embargoed for 20th July)
      • Vo Cam Quy, Vietnam National University, Vietnam
      • Van Hai Van, University of Natural Sciences, Vietnam
      • Paul Yoo, University of Sydney, Australia
      • Asif Khan, National University of Singapore, Singapore
      • Natarajan Jeyaraman, Madurai Kamaraj University, India
      Congratulations to our winners! We will contacting you soon.

  • AMBIS Travel Fellowships
    1. For AMBIS Members only
    2. The Association for Medical and Bio Informatics Singapore (AMBIS) endorses the InCoB2007 conference and will consider applications for travel fellowships to the InCoB2007 HongKong event.
    3. Singapore Travel Fellowship application

  • Sponsorship for mainland China and Hong Kong local participants
    1. For PR China mainland participants and Hong Kong residents only.
    2. Travel grants are being applied for.
    3. Please contact Prof Hannah Xue (hxue **at**
    4. For 80% discounted sponsored registrations, please go to Sponsored Local Registrations.

  • Sponsorship for ASEAN delegates
    1. For Official delegates of ASEAN countries
    2. The 2nd ASEAN-China Bioinformatics Workshop is currently proposed to be organised in Nansha. Official delegates of all ASEAN countries are proposed to be participants of this workshop.
    3. If you are an ASEAN delegate, please contact your ASEAN Committee on Science and Technology (COST) SubCommittee on Biotechnology (SCB) Focal Point from your Ministry of Science and Technology to find out if you can apply to be a participant.
    4. Only one to two delegates per country are expected to sponsored.
    5. Details of the event and sponsorship will appear here when the approval process is completed.

  • Subsidised Registration at Hanoi venue for IndoChina participants
    1. For Participants from Vietnam, Lao PDR, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar.
    2. Expenses and travel to Hong Kong may be more expensive than to Hanoi, and the organisers of the Hanoi IUBMB-FAOBMB-APBioNet workshop are planning for a video-cast of the Hong Kong main conference in the Vietnam National University venue.
    3. Regional participants will have subsidised registrations at this venue for the Hong Kong conference.
    4. Only main plenary events and selected tracks will be videocasted to Hanoi by the Tech Team from the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand.
    5. The high speed Internet link used is TEIN2, an EU sponsored project.

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