Instruction to Presenters – Presentation Guidelines

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s InCoB 2020 will be a virtual conference, for the first time, from 25th to 29th November 2020. The teleconferencing platform will be Zoom. All registered participants will be provided with an account on the InCoB 2020 Moodle platform. Accounts will be provided upon successful conference registration. The details of Zoom links, parallel sessions, schedule, and video deposition box will be made available via Moodle.

Key points:

  1. Individuals presenting a Highlight(s)/Demo(s)/Oral(s)/Poster(s)/Lightning Talk(s) are required to upload a pre-recorded presentation video on the Moodle platform before the deadline (21.11.2020).
  2. There will be a Question & Answer (Q & A) session, live on the Zoom platform during your session. Therefore, please prepare to be on the stand-by for your live Q & A session. This Q & A session will follow immediately after the pre-recorded video presentation.
  3. If for some reason, you are not able to pre-record your presentation, please inform us 3 days in advance prior to your session ([email protected]).
  4. In such a situation, you will be required to do a live presentation. However, we request that you be available and ready for your presentation at least 30 minutes in advance, in order not to affect the flow of the schedule. You will also need to strictly adhere to the time frame that you are allowed for your session (see E. Duration of videos and live Q & A sessions).
  5.   For Keynotes, Workshops and other events (besides Highlights/Demos/Orals/Posters/Lightning Talks), the presentation will be generally live, followed by a live Q & A. Please inform us in advance if you are not able to conduct your live presentation due to time inconvenience or any other reasons.

Please see below details given to prepare for your presentation.

The instruction can also be downloaded here:

Instruction to presenters

A. Moodle webpage for InCoB 2020:

B. Zoom Rooms

Four Zoom Channel links and passwords will be provided on the Moodle. Please login to the Moodle to see the details. The links will be made available closer to the conference date.

C. Pre-recorded Presentation Video Upload: File Naming Format

  • Live streaming of pre-recorded session will be done followed by a Live Q & A session.
  • Please upload your video in MP4 format
  • Name your video as <Last name>_<First three words of your paper title>.mp4
    • For example, if a person named ‘John Appleseed’ with a paper entitled ‘Predicting protein-peptide binding sites’ was accepted as Highlights/Demos/Orals/Posters/Lightning Talks at InCoB 2020, then please name the pre-recorded video file as “Appleseed_PredictingProteinPeptide.mp4”.

D. Video Uploading Page

  • Upload your pre-recorded presentation video to ‘Video Submission box’ at
  • Please insert your username and password when prompted.
  • If the above direct link doesn’t work, then open your Moodle page and go to the ‘Video Submission box’ and click on ‘Paper Submission’ (see the image below).


  • Press ‘Answer the questions’ button

  • Enter the name of the First Author/Presenter of the paper.
  • Enter the title of the paper.
  • Enter Video File name (<Last name>_<First three words of your paper title>.mp4)
  • Answer Yes or No to the consent question.
  • Click “Submit questionnaire”


  • Once the ‘Submit questionnaire’ button is pressed, video upload page will appear. Click ‘Add Submission’ button.


  • The Video Uploader page will appear as below:


  • Upload your pre-recorded video in MP4 format.
  • Click ‘Save Submission’ button to upload.
  • Note that multiple video uploads are not permitted. So please make sure you have the correct video for uploading before pressing the Save Submission button.

E. Duration of videos and Live Q & A sessions

Please prepare videos according to the following time-frame:

  1. Highlights: 15 mins video + 5 mins Q/A (live)
  2. Demos: 10 mins video + 2 mins Q/A (live)
  3. Orals: 10 mins video + 2 mins Q/A (live)
  4. Lightning Talks: 5 mins video + 2 mins Q/A (live)
  5. Posters: 3 mins video + 2 mins Q/A (live)

F. Presentation Slide Deck

All talks (Highlights/Demos/Orals/Posters/Lightning Talks/Keynotes/Workshops) are either pre-recorded or live would require a presentation slide deck, which can be prepared using your software of choice. We highly recommend PowerPoint or Keynote. Please keep in mind that many of the audience will be participating on their laptop PC or smartphones. Please try to make presentation slides easy to read on small screens. The following tips to ensure readability:

  1. Simple structure
  • Table of contents is nice to have
  • Single “take-home” message per slide
  • Do not use many animations (they may not work smoothly depending on the internet connection quality).
  • Avoid too many words in a single slide.
  1. Text
  • Recommended font-size: 18-24 pt
  • Avoid using light blue and yellow for text color
  • Try to keep sentence short
  • Use bullets
  1. Session slide aspect
  • Please create slides using the 16:9 aspect ratio.

G. Video Recording and Editing

Please record your presentation following the time duration indicated in the “E. Duration of videos” section.

  • Recording and Editing Video

You may use any suitable software to record and edit your video, as long as it is saved in mp4 format. The following table shows recommendation of software that you can use.