The 21st International Conference on

Bioinformatics (InCoB2022)

November 21-23, 2022 VIRTUAL

This event is organized by CBRC in partnership with APBioNET

For all paper submissions to InCoB2022, besides the submission to the respective journal’s editorial manager, authors MUST also make a submission to the conference Easychair site. This will help us track your submission with the respective journal.  

For all other InCoB2022 submissions (abstract, extended abstract and proposals), you only need to submit to the Easychair site. 

Note that for all submissions to EasyChair, in the Title line of the web submission page, please indicate the submission category, such as “(Paper: JBCB)”, “(Abstract)”, “(Extended Abstract)”, or “(Proposal)”. Submissions without any label will be discarded.

Call For Proposals

Breakout session

This will be allocated a conference session (one track in a parallel track format) of usually 1, 1.5, or 2 hours. Topics should be novel with little overlap with main InCoB 2022 session topics. We invite proposals ranging from standards, education, funding, and publishing to bioinformatics approaches covering complex diseases of interest and merit to conference participants. Session format should allow virtual room change every 30 minutes. Talks should not exceed 20 min and should be followed by 10 min discussion time, unless the format of the session is panel discussion. To add value to participants and speakers, proposals (excluding panel discussion) that commit to peer-reviewed post-conference publications will be preferred. Session organizers and speakers/panel members, who agree to participate, acknowledge that InCoB 2022 does not provide any financial or in kind support for breakout sessions, including APBioNet travel grants. Limited organizational support for example, access to EasyChair and virtual room(s) will be provided.

Title and one A4 page summary including justification why the proposed topic is of relevance for InCoB 2022 audience
Short description of prior experiences in organizing a breakout session
For talk based breakout sessions:

Names of speakers, incl. affiliation and email address
Tentative title of talks and 3-5 lines of content description
Proof that proposed speakers agree to participate and s/he will cover registration fee, and any author processing fees if the proposal is successful.
For panel discussion based breakout sessions:

Names, affiliation and email addresses of panelists
Name, affiliation and email address of moderator
Proof that proposed panel member/moderator agree to participate and s/he will cover registration fee if the proposal is successful.
Submit your proposal as a single PDF file via Easychair:

Re-submissions are allowed within one week of proposal upload. Submissions will be evaluated by program committee members to eliminate overlap with regular session topics, merit and interest for InCoB 2022 audience, quality and completeness of the submitted proposal, prior experience of the proposers in organizing a breakout session or a conference, and potential to stimulate active discussion and interest in the APBioNet communities.


We invite proposals for workshops or tutorials. which will be for a maximum of 4-hour duration each (inclusive of breaks). The workshop/tutorials will be open to all registered conference attendees. We welcome proposals across a broad range of topics and levels (basic to advanced). The proposal must be prepared following the template available here and must be submitted before September 26, 2022

Submit your proposal as a single PDF file via Easychair: