The 21st International Conference on

Bioinformatics (InCoB2022)

November 21-23, 2022 VIRTUAL

This event is organized by CBRC in partnership with APBioNET

Instruction to Presenters – Presentation Guidelines

The teleconferencing platform for InCoB 2022 will be Zoom Events. The details of Zoom links, parallel sessions, schedule, and video deposition box will be communicated to you via email as a welcome package to all registered participants a few days before the event.


Key points:

  1. All presentations will be LIVE, except if there are circumstances that prevent the speaker from doing so. If for some reason, you are not able to present your work live, please inform us at least 3 days in advance prior to your session. In such a situation, you will be required to send in a recorded presentation. The recording should be in MP4 format. You may use any suitable software to record and edit your video, as long as it is saved in mp4 format and within the required duration (see Section B). We think using Zoom would be the easiest.
  2. Individuals presenting a Keynote/Oral(s)/Poster(s)/Lightning Talk(s) are required to prepare slide presentations for their talk.
  3. There will be a Question & Answer (Q & A) session, live on the Zoom platform after your talk.
  4. Please be available and ready for your presentation at least 30 minutes in advance, in order not to affect the flow of the schedule. You will also need to strictly adhere to the time frame that you are allowed for your session (see Section B for the duration of the different types of presentations).
  5. Please see the additional details given below with regards to preparing for your presentation.

Instruction to presenters

A. Zoom Rooms: 

Zoom Channel links and passwords will be provided via email in the welcome pack, a few days before the event. 

B. Duration of Presentation Categories

Please prepare slides according to the following time-frame:

  • Keynote: 40 mins. + 5 mins. Q/A (live)
  • Orals: 15 mins. + 5 mins. Q/A (live)
  • Lightning Talks: 7 mins. + 3 mins. Q/A (live)
  • Posters: 3 mins. + 2 mins. Q/A (live)
  • Tutorial/Special Tracks: 60 mins., including Q/A (live)

C. Presentation Slide Deck

All talks (Keynotes/Orals/Posters/Lightning Talks/Tutorial) are live and would require a presentation slide deck, which can be prepared using your software of choice. We highly recommend PowerPoint or Keynote. Please keep in mind that many of the audience will be participating on their laptop PC or smartphones. Thus, please try to make the presentation slides easy to read on small screens. The following are tips to ensure readability:

  • Simple structure
    Table of contents is nice to have
    Single “take-home” message per slide
    Do not use many animations (they may not work smoothly depending on the internet connection quality).
    Avoid too many words in a single slide.
  • Text
    Recommended font-size: 18-24 pt
    Avoid using light blue and yellow for text color
    Try to keep sentence short
    Use bullets
  • Session slide aspect
    Please create slides using the 16:9 aspect ratio.