Papers submitted for publication in BMC Bioinformatics and Bioinformation are in good progress. Revisions are being submitted after reviewers have given their feedback. Out of the hundred of submissions, we have nearly 60 full papers of which slightly more than 20 have been accepted for BMC Bioinformatics. A few have agreed to publish in Bioinformation.

Those accepted for publication in either journals will be invited to and scheduled to give an oral presentation in the conference. Please look out for the scheduled programme closer the date.

All papers to be published must be accompanied by one author who registers for the InCoB Conference and makes the full oral presentation. In addition, as agreed during the offer of publication, authors must make payment for the publication charges in advance. You can do so online using this webpage (see below).

Payment for Publication Charges
(BMC Bioinformatics and Bioinformation)

Important Notes

  • a. If you are paying the registration charges for your conference participation, please use the Online Registration and Payment Form. Do not use this form.
  • b. If you do not wish to pay publication charges by credit card online, and wish to send a cheque or bank transfer for the publication charges, please use the manual registration/payment form (pdf | doc) and follow the instructions therein.
  • More information about the online payment process.

Online Payment system for Publication Charges

1. All fields marked with asterisk (*) are compulsory.

2. Once you have submitted the payment form below successfully, please do not click BACK/REFRESH/CLOSE buttons at any point of the payment transaction.

3. If you are using pop-up blocker, please add the followings to your list of allowed sites:,,
Otherwise, the relevant transaction pages cannot be displayed, and your transaction request cannot be processed.

4. Please make sure your browser is Java enabled e.g. Mozilla, Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (and above) and Google Chrome (Here's how to verify if Java is properly installed). Please install Java if your browser has no Java installed or disabled (here's how to install Java.)

5. There may be maintenance work done on the online payment transaction site on certain dates. Kindly avoid registration on the mentioned dates. Please click here for more information on down times which are indicated in SGT +0800 GMT.


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Payment of Publication Charges

BMC Bioinformatics PaperSGD $2500 (approx GBP 850 plus bank and payment portal charges)
BioinformationSGD $165 (approx USD 100 plus bank and payment portal charges)