Travel Grant

Application deadline: July 31, 2019.

Notification of Travel Fellowship awards: Starts from August 6, 2019.


We plan to award a small number of travel grants at a maximum amount of USD $500 to help defer travel costs which otherwise the participant would need to pay for themselves (i.e. costs not covered by any other grant). Students and post-doctoral trainees with accepted proceedings track papers will be given priority, but students with accepted posters can also apply (applicants need to refer to the submitted paper details in their cover letter, as acceptance result may not be available at the time of application). Only one author of an accepted paper/poster will be eligible for a travel grant. All applicants must be a member in good standing of APBioNet or ISCB.

The travel grant will be on a REIMBURSEMENT BASIS either in cash at the Conference or paid through Paypal (awardees to indicate their preference when notified). The travel grant is for part payment of travel expenses and cannot be adjusted against registration fees or any other expense incurred in attending the conference.

The selection criteria are:
* The quality of the applicant’s paper/poster (as judged by the reviews).
* The academic performance of the applicant based on the CV submitted.
* The level of economic development of the country where the student lives.

To apply, please provide the following info:

1. Legal name (for financial purposes)
2. Optional: Name and title by which you prefer to be addressed
3. Status (student, postdoc) and Proof ID scanned as PDF or JPEG.
Note: Certification and/or proof of student or postdoc status must also be presented at the Conference to the Registration Desk for the reimbursement to take place.
4. Affiliation
5. Country
6. Brief statement about availability of other funding sources (quantum already awarded and/or being applied for)
7. Poster/Paper submission ID and Title (in Text Format)
8. Your membership number in APBioNet or ISCB
9. Proposed Budget of the Trip and how much requested and for what purpose (in text format)
10. Declaration of any previous travel grant awarded (in text format)
11. Also please provide us a brief CV with photograph and list of papers published in Word or PDF format.

Prepare a single PDF file of your application and CV for submission to EasyChair:

Please name the PDF file as “InCoB2019TravelFellowship_X” before uploading, where X would be your LAST NAME.
All incomplete applications will not be processed. Please note that travel the grant award is subject to acceptance of paper/poster for presentation at the conference